Classes to Take

PLP offers only one diploma type and it is the most academically rigorous of the nine NC diplomas. Therefore, ALL courses in the PLP Upper School are college prep courses and highly rigorous.

    • Standard-Level college prep
    • Honors-Level college prep
    • Advanced Placement ("AP") college-level high school courses - click here for more information
    • Dual Enrollment college courses (taken online or at CPCC and Mitchell) - click here for more information

Which level is right for my child (regular, honors, AP, college)?

Students are encouraged to take as challenging a course load as they can handle and still maintain a successful balance between school,extracurriculars, and family/friends. It is not advised that students take all honors or advanced courses unless they are willing to put in the necessary time and work - for many students this often means a substantial sacrifice of cutting back on athletics, clubs, jobs, or other extracurricular activities in order to maintain A's and B's.

Students are encouraged to take honors/advanced placement courses in subjects that they really enjoy and/or are strong in academically. View the Upper School Curriculum Guide for more information, or click on the links above.

How many/which core courses should my child take to prepare for college?

Colleges look very closely at the rigor of all four years -especially senior year. Students must continue to take challenging courses through graduation. While four credits of English, math, and social studies are required to graduate, students are strongly encouraged to take each of the four core courses all four years of high school (English, math, science, and social studies), regardless of whether they completed any of the required courses in middle school(i.e. Algebra/Math I). If students complete the required number of credits prior to senior year, students are still encouraged to take an even higher level course in that subject area senior year.

Additional notes:

  • If a student is interested in attending a public South Carolina school, he/she needs to make sure to take three lab sciences (i.e. biology, chemistry, physics, or AP Environmental Science).
  • If a student is interested in a particular major, it may be a good idea to take related courses in high school to prepare (i.e. a student interested in becoming a physician seeks out elective sciences such as Anatomy and Physiology. A student interested in majoring in business takes related courses through the dual enrollment program).
  • Description of all classes offered by Pine Lake Preparatory
  • Upper School Curriculum Guide

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